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The Hell Tour Update 2

What up!? We’re a few shows into the U.S tour with The Pretty Reckless and we’re already having a great time. When it comes to music they’re real Anglophiles and have an extensive knowledge of English rock ‘n roll so we hit it off straight away. Frequently getting locked into excitable trivia contests with Ben their guitarist, even when he’s onstage mid song. Taylor’s a straight up badass too which is always good to see. We spent the last 2 days in New Orleans, it was our first time there and so we set about making the most of it! It’s a modern day mix of Sodom and Gomorrah and everyone left with their own different sins to confess… I recommend a diet of Hand Grenades, Car Bombs and Hurricanes. Now we’re starting the Texas leg of the tour at The House of Blues in Houston, I think we’ll play ‘Lights Out In London’ tonight to bring a touch of home here. Let’s fire it into orbit! Keep looking on our social pages for photo updates/clever comments!

hb news 2

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