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Soundwave Recap + Headline UK/EU Tour Update

We’ve just finished our first ever tour of Australia playing on Soundwave festival, it was an incredible tour that we loved every minute of! The whole tour was essentially one huge traveling party that lasted almost 2 weeks. Right now on the flight home is the first major down ‘time we’ve had!

It was great to take the Filthy Empire tour down under and hopefully we’ll be back to Australia really soon for more shows.

Right now we’ve got our eyes on the upcoming European headline tour that starts in 1 week. It’s the biggest headline tour we’ve ever done and we’re excited to headline mainland Europe for the first time! There’s many places on this tour we’ve played countless times over the past few years and have awesome memories from so let’s make it the best one yet!!

We’re excited to try a few new things with the set and see what else we can do to make it the best headline show we’ve done as a band.

The shows are beginning to sell out with Glasgow, Bristol and Birmingham selling out last week and many others getting close, so with that in mind, don’t miss out if you plan on coming! We want to see you all!

We’ve got a whole new range of merch coming out for the tour so check that out too..


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